Code of Conduct

Belief Statement

At Watson Elementary, ROAR to Success- Respectful, have an Outstanding Attitude, Achieve Goals, Reach Out It is our belief that as a school community, all Staff, students, parents and guests are expected to follow our Code of Conduct by speaking and acting with care and respect at all times on school premises and during activities that are organized or sponsored by the school that take place at any other location.

At Watson School, we will be:


              * Do unto others
              * Value yourself and others
              * Be honest
              * Good manners
              * Responsible Leaders

 Outstanding Attitude

            * I can and I will
            * Believe in yourself

 Achieve Goals

           * Goal oriented
           * Do your best
           * Never give up
            * Confident learners

 Reach Out

           * Serving our school community and the world
           * Include others
           * Be compassionate, kind and encouraging
           * Lead with your heart
           * Inspire each other to reach our full potential

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