Code of Conduct

Belief Statement

At Watson Elementary, ROAR to Success- Respectful, have an Outstanding Attitude, Achieve Goals, Reach Out It is our belief that as a school community, all Staff, students, parents and guests are expected to follow our Code of Conduct by speaking and acting with care and respect at all times on school premises and during activities that are organized or sponsored by the school that take place at any other location.

At Watson School, we will be:


              * Do unto others
              * Value yourself and others
              * Be honest
              * Good manners
              * Responsible Leaders

 Outstanding Attitude

            * I can and I will
            * Believe in yourself

 Achieve Goals

           * Goal oriented
           * Do your best
           * Never give up
            * Confident learners

 Reach Out

           * Serving our school community and the world
           * Include others
           * Be compassionate, kind and encouraging
           * Lead with your heart
           * Inspire each other to reach our full potential



Student Dress Code


Student Dress Guidelines

All SD #33 Elementary school student clothing should be suitable for a school learning environment.  Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for students to participate safely in all school activities. ( P.E., Recess, Lunch activities )  Clothing should demonstrate a respect for the school community and the B.C. Human Rights Code.  Any person dressed in an inappropriate manner, will be advised personally and discretely, and given an opportunity to meet the school dress guidelines. 

Information & Announcements

March to Victo-Read!

From Monday, January 27 until Friday, March 6 we are challenging ourselves to read 1000 books as a school.

Any book counts! Read a book to yourself, listen to a story someone else reads, or read to someone else! When you have finished a book fill in a Recommendation slip from your teacher and your book will count towards our final total.

If we reach our goal we will have a special pajama reading day at school!

So, read as a family, read before bed, read in the car! Let's get reading to March to Victo-READ!

Early Dismissal Day ~ Feb. 14

Our Parent – Teacher Conferences are on Thursday February 13th from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. This is an opportunity to discuss a student's academic progress and social behavior at school. Teachers will be sending out information about their sessions.

Friday continues to be an Early Dismissal Day and students will be dismissed at 11:25 to help support our Parent – Teacher Conferences.

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